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What is Locandis?

With Locandis we want to give people an easy way to track and log the places they’ve been to, while maintaining control of their data. There are services that allow people to list the cities they’ve visited, or to track maps of their travels, but too often these services have other interests in mind than the cataloging needs of their users. With Locandis you can enter or upload your data, with the promise that you’ll always be able to retrieve it intact, or delete it when you want to leave the service, no strings attached.

What you can do with Locandis

With Locandis you can pin cities you’ve been to, and it will produce automated lists based on countries and states or provinces. If you have your own list of cities, you can also import it and start playing right away. More features are planned for the near future, such as the ability to pin airports and locations other than cities and populated places (such as parks and other landmarks), as well as more extensive data-visualization tools.